Skin Care Products

We understand that men and women are looking for simple, uncomplicated, reasonably priced skin care products to help restore and maintain their skin’s health and integrity.  After reviewing numerous skin care lines, the Pro Derm line fulfilled all of the above requirements, and clients can rest assured they are getting the highest grade of product, that can only be found in your cosmetic physician’s office.

Pro-Derm™ Cosmeceuticals

Based on the latest clinical and scientific research, Pro-Derma Inc. has developed a line of high-quality cosmeceutical products containing high concentrations of active ingredients to optimize performance.

The Pro-Derm™ Concept

Pro-Derm™ was developed in Canada by a team of chemists and a female dermatologist w ith the goal to produce a line of products with combined cosmetic and pharmaceutic advantages.  The result is a group of products with desirable aesthetic characteristics (texture, color, smell) with a high concentration of active ingredients scientifically proven for clinical efficacy.

The importance of Synergy

The key to cosmeceutical efficacy is to ensure maximum transport into the skin.  Pro-Derm™ products are perfume-free and are formulated without mineral oil, alcohol or petroleum derivatives.  These ingredients can limit the effective transport of the medicinal components of the product and thereby limit effectiveness.

In Pro-Derm™ products, the active ingredients are also in the highest concentrations and at optimal pH to ensure efficiency.  Each product has many active components chosen for their additive actions of which synergism enhances dermal penetration.  Pro-Derm™ products are designed to be used in conjunction to maximize results.

Pro-Derm™ products are:

  • High quality with active ingredients in high concentrations
  • Effective and safe
  • Sold only to Physicians
  • Best priced/quality ratio on the market
  • Easy to use 5 color product system
  • Thoroughly tested to compliment all procedures
  • Perfume free
  • Airless contamination free pumps
  • No mineral oil, petroleum or animal products
  • Effective for rejuvenation of the skin without the redness and irritation
  • Complete with products for all skin types, full sun block and glycolic peels
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Cabin sizes for in office use (some products)
  • Full spectrum Sun Block – Pro-Derm™ SPF 60
  • Full range of Glycolic Peels


Day Cream
Night Cream – 5%, 10%
Cleanser – 250ml, 500ml
Eye Contour Creme

To learn more about Pro-Derm™ please visit Pro-Derm’s website