Travel Medicine

Global travel is an ever-increasing reality for many people and along with it comes the risk of diseases that we normally would not be at risk to locally. Upon careful review of your itinerary, Dr. Rheauit and his team can provide you with appropriate preventative regimes of medication and/or vaccines for worry-free travel.

Any and all visits for travel advice including prescriptions, vaccines, and forms are NOT covered by O.H.I.P. and need to be booked separately from all other visits. These are billed directly to the patient.

Visit: Individual $40.00 (includes travel advice and your prescription)
Visit: Family $60.00 (includes travel advice and your prescription)
*Vaccination Administration $20.00 (above visit fee)

Make an appointment today to speak with Dr. Rheault, we will be glad to help make your vaccination a sunny one. To view the required immunizations, click here.